1. Pick up our gaming cards

  • Buy gaming cards or claim them for free (if available)
  • More collectibles mean more experience in the pocket
  • Some cards may be free for a limited time — act fast!

2. Gain brand new experience

  • Visit our shuffleboard to check a lobby making schedule
  • Once a lobby is shuffled, you will be invited to join your experience — please keep your web notifications turned on!
Bonuses by Ladislav GuardiaN Kovács
FACEIT 5x5 - 4x
02d 17h:07m
23x cards
Price: $0.99
Bonuses by Jacek MINISE Jeziak
FACEIT 5x5 - 4x
16d 17h:07m
11x cards
Price: $0.99

3. Confirm you join a squad

  • The platform will get in touch with you to set details
  • Check-in quickly or get a lobby reshuffled otherwise
  • Make sure socials connected and pushes turned on
Bitterplay Faceit 5x5 #1
Welcome to this lobby! Be sure you have connected social profiles and turned on web notifications to engage your slot. The Influencer will set the match time. Confirm your slot::
1. GeT_LeFT
2. Wonderchild
4. iznoubad